A nostalgic remembrance of Cecile Davis Films website
Circa 2015

When domain registrations expire the website disappears from the web. However, at some point the domain becomes available to a lucky bidder. New owners change the look and the content from the original site's concept. Sometimes the name of the domain has nothing to do with the new content and it can be disorienting to visitors. In the case of this site, the new owners of the Cecile Davis Films domain have chosen to keep some of the original content and make this a historical remembrance of Cecile Davis Films and the work done by this photographer.
Content is from the site's 2015 archived pages as well as from other sources.
DO enjoy some of Cece's lovely wedding photography.

PLEASE NOTE: This site is no longer being used to solicit work for Cece Davis, however you can see her work and follow her at https://steller.co/cecilegiraffe/.

Have you ever looked at your grandmother’s wedding picture and wondered what she was thinking that day? What did your grandfather sound like back then, or what music was played at the reception? Unfortunately, you can only dream of hearing their story. Cecile Davis Wedding Films preserves moments to be relived time and time again. Each of Cecile Davis’ custom films are metic­u­lously handcrafted, showcasing the bride and groom’s love story through fine art videography. 

About Cecile Davis Films

After living and working professionally in Europe for six years, I returned to my roots on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I currently freelance for local nonprofits; The Avalon Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, and Academy Art Museum, produce commercials and web content for many local businesses and offer high end event coverage... But my true calling and passion are my wedding films.

7 Goldsborough Street
Easton, Maryland


Wedding Films

As unique as you are. The powerful emotion that Cece is able to convey with film will not fail to amaze you. Yet, here is where the true value lies, she transforms your most special day from a series of fading memories into a vivid encapsulation of the day, able to be re-lived at any time. Just take your story off of the shelf, and begin at Chapter One…

Cece gently crafts each of her wedding films into a new, unique story in the book of life. A story unlike any other. Each film, in fact, is separated into “chapters” of the sweet, fine day.

At the event itself, Cece is careful to maintain a practically invisible presence. In order to capture the events of the day, that the majority of photographers and videographers fail to grasp and are lost, Cece magically moves about the celebration collecting the special moments that would have been forgotten forever… The tears in a dear friends’ eyes as she watches her best friend grasp her new husbands arm. The waving arms of a grandmother who has found the dance floor and is celebrating with vigor. The grasp of a father’s hand on his bride-to-be’s waist. The conversation, heads thrown back in hilarity, of two treasured family friends.

After the day, Cece begins her most vital work. Taking into consideration her previous meetings in order to get to know each couple intimately, she sets about marrying her modern artistic abilities and the couples’ wishes to produce a brilliant collaboration of the two. Cece molds her footage into a beautiful story. She cuts, sews, rips at seams, and patches until she has pieced together a nuanced and vibrant production of the very first day of a lifelong journey of love.


"Everybody calls me CeCe."

The perplexity and magic of Cece is difficult to explain, yet easy to envision. She has been whirling about in Pandora's Box of artistic expression all of her life. This whirl, that which surrounds her and enraptures others, is not only awe-inspiring, but most importantly focused and successful. Cece remains calmly and peacefully at the center of it all. She lives, breathes, and dreams in color, idea, shape, scene, artifact, emotion... ART. Cece's eye for original creation is deliciously dumbfounding and impossible to reproduce. One should not miss the opportunity to invite Cece in… to witness her calm, ethereal artistic whirl that produces films to be wrapped in the heart and treasured forever.

A native of Cambridge, Maryland, Cece Davis began her career with the dip of her pointe shoe into the art of dance. She then ventured to London, England in pursuit of theatre. She attended East 15 Acting School, where she studied and reveled in contemporary theatre and production design for both theatre and film.

Within the six years she studied and performed abroad, Cece worked with Kevin Spacey at the Old Vic, David Robson at the National Theatre, Brian Asbury at the Old Red Lion, Song of the Goat Theatre in Poland, and the Tiki Theatre in Greece. She also found time to form her own theatre company, Crowded Logic Theatre, and performed a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in a play, which she co-wrote and directed.

Cece's focus has shifted to film in recent years. With her production company, Floofie Films, she has made over one hundred short films, commercials, and music videos. Her background in theatre has been instrumental in finding her aesthetic sense as a director. To date, she considers most of her film work to be "sketches", as they often feature little or no narrative, but are a highly conceptualized and visually compelling jumping off point to reach a more comprehensive vision.



Cecile Davis Films FAQ

  • What is the starting price for your wedding videography services? $2,505.00
  • What is the price of your most popular wedding package? $3,717.00
  • What primary style do you identify with?Cinematic, Documentary, Short Form, Storytelling
  • Which wedding events do you service?Ceremony, Pre-Ceremony, Reception
  • What videography services do you offer?Add'l Hours, Client Revisions, Full Feature Video, High-Def Video, Highlight Video, Liability Insurance, Multi. Cameras, Multi. Locations, One Event / Day, Save The Date
  • What final video formats do you offer?Digital Download, DVD, USB Flash Drive, USB Hard Drive


Destination Weddings

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Photo & Video Styles

  • Artistic, Documentary, Dramatic, Modern

Photo & Video

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Wedding Activities

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"where words fail, music speaks." - hans christian andersen

Music videos are a collaborative process between musician and filmmaker.  Nothing is off limits.
Not your typical egotistical filmmaker, Cece finds great pleasure in connecting and collaborating with musicians of every age and genre, and turning their harmonies, notes, and percussions into a visual depiction of the music and the emotion that it provokes. Her aim is for the video to be an extension of the musician and the song. An artfully true companion.

Cece connects to music on a very basal level, it has always guided her life. She feels creating music videos to be “the purest expression of her creativity”. When she connects with a musician and song- the alchemy that results brings music and imagery into such a natural coexistence, they become hard to separate.

When the first note of the song rings in a welcoming ear (and soul), eyes will close, and Cece’s accompanying film will dance behind the lids, forevermore.
Pricing is negotiable. 

About Art Direction

Childlike whimsy. Handmade meta props. Vintage empirical style. High fashion. Party girl with a sense of fractured innocence…. Just a slice of the pie of Cece’s artistic style.  Her eyes never blink- always studying her ever-changing environment, various media, history, she endlessly draws inspiration for her various projects, while others casually float through life, unseeing.  Cece becomes restless with the ordinary, the conventional, the popular, the “been there done that”. Her mind’s eye instead constantly grinds out modern innovative ideas with astonishing results.
There is no bottom to the treasure trove of Cece’s artistic direction abilities. She is a one-man band in the field: styling, designing sets, decorating, scouting location, configuring lighting, designing make-up, locating or creating props, and creating concepts. All of that while keeping tempo with the theme and vision. But most gloriously she does it with an easy grin and a glint in her eye-because, of course, that eye is on the lookout for the fuel that drives her creative spark. Always.

On Set

Concept. Story. Locations. Styling. Hair & Make Up. Props. Attitude.





In my life: I have followed Cecile Davis' work for a number of years after my girlfriend hired her to photograph her wedding. As an amateur photographer, she has inspired me with my own work. Recently I was asked by my sister to take some photos of her new puppy, Ciri. I took a look at the photos of Ralphie for a bit of encouragement and inspiration. I spent two days at my sister's place in Maine taking pictures of Ciri. One of the cutest was of Ciri in her new puppy bed. At first I didn't even realize it was the dog's bed since its cover was a beautiful chinoiserie design of a traditional Asian pastural scene that coordinated with the living room upholstery. It looked like a large floor pillow. When Ciri jumped up on the pillow and snuggled down for a nap, I asked my sister if it were ok for the dog to be on the floor pillow. She laughed explaining that the pillow was actually the puppy's bed. I captured so many cute pics of Ciri sleeping. My sister loved the photos I took. She wants me to do a series every year as Ciri grows. I'll see. I do want to thank Cecile Davis for inspiring me. Thanks!



REVIEWS /www.weddingwire.com

5.0  Emily · married on 06/17/2017
We recently received our full wedding video and were simply blown away by the final product. Cecile beautifully captured the big "I Do" and seamlessly incorporated it in with the other lighthearted moments that occurred throughout the course of our big day. Our wedding video is without a doubt something that we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Additionally, throughout the entire wedding planning process Cecile was incredibly responsive to emails and very flexible. If you are getting married soon, you need to book Cecile Davis ASAP. You will not be disappointed!!!
Sent on 10/09/2017

5.0  Kelsey · married on 06/03/2017
Cece takes the wedding photography industry by STORM! She undoubtedly is the best in the game and we feel so fortunate to have had the gift of her filming our wedding. She is an artist with a clear passion of wanting to capture real moments in the most beautifully vulnerable ways. Having never met her in person before the wedding day, it is astounding to see how she captured exactly who we are and how we feel about each other by the way she shot every moment. Her special touches when editing the footage, coupled with the perfect music as a soundtrack, makes the entire product look and feel like a literal featured film! The dreamlike memories Cece captured will be keepsakes we'll be able to look back on for the rest of our lives.
Sent on 08/07/2018

5.0  Kerrie · married on 05/20/2017
CeCe is AMAZING!! She was the first vendor I booked for my wedding. She had done a few friends weddings and the videos she shot were great.. I just had to have her apart of my big day. CeCe is so easy to work with and she's always right there to capture the moment. I received my teaser trailer and was totally in LOVE.. I CAN NOT wait to see my full video.
Sent on 06/14/2017

REVIEWS /www.theknot.com/


***** Reviewed On 10/22/2015 by Laura F
Cecile Davis.......WOW! At first I had heard different opinions about having a videographer at the wedding. However, I decided to get one knowing it would go by fast and I wanted every moment captured possible. I must say Cecile from the very first email was so personable and i felt like I had known her for years in just the initial stage of booking her. We had a meet and greet session to go over our details and it was very casual and comfortable. At the wedding CeCe and Zoey did a wonderful job. She made us all feel very comfortable and we all had so much fun with her. She felt like a best friend or a close family member just having fun and snapping shots on our wedding day vs. a videographer. I can not wait to see her final product of our wedding. The teaser is absolutely beautiful and brings tears to many people eyes every time its watched! We love CeCe and will def use her and recommend her to anybody looking to have videos done!! Thank you so much girl

***** Reviewed On 1/01/2015 by Melissa V
We weren't going to have a videographer simply because we couldn't fit one into our budget. Lucky for us, my bridesman (term copyrighted by me) is the most incredible person ever (other than my husband) and booked Cecile Davis for us as a (extraordinarily generous) gift.
 And now that we've witnessed her work, I have five words for you: FIT CECILE INTO YOUR BUDGET. Even if it means sacrificing decor, switching from a band to a DJ, or hell, who needs cake anyway? MAKE IT WORK.
 We knew we'd love a videographer, but we had no idea videographers could create wedding videos as beautiful as the ones Cecile made for us. We've watched them a million times, and we'll be able to relive the night a million times more throughout the rest of our lives.
 We got seven videos: one of the getting-ready process, one of the ceremony, one of the first look and photoshoots, one of our entrance into the reception and first dance, one of my dad's beautiful toast to us, one of the cake cutting, and a final one of the reception and everyone partying. She even sends you a trailer before creating the full videos so you get a preview of what's to come.
 Check ours out. I'm begging you. You just can't understand how talented this girl is until you see them: http://vimeo.com/album/3118935
 The music she chose for everything fit our taste perfectly (the one in the first-dance video is our actual first-dance song), and she captured everyone's emotions beautifully.
 Also, I'm not the type who enjoys being in the spotlight, so I was a little nervous about the photographer before we knew we were getting a videographer. I get tense in front of cameras. But Cecile made me so comfortable. You barely even knew she was there.